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These notes on the History of Aberdare are the fruits of a series of lectures delivered by the Rev. R. Ivor Parry, M.A., during three winter sessions early in the 1960s.

The contents represent an enormous amount of work carried out by him over a period of many years.

Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy but it is almost certain that errors will have crept in. These are surely errors of transcription for which I am entirely responsible and cannot be laid at his door.

The order in which the various chapters, if one dare call them that, appear is somewhat arbitrary and is due to the lapse of time since the lectures were originally presented and the order in which they have been preserved and I would doubt that the sequence is that which he would have desired or approved.

Some of my notes had been lost as a result of the upheaval of moving house, but fortunately, Mr. T.J. Evans, B.Sc., of Ynyslas, Abernant Road, Aberdare, had managed to preserve most of them and I am grateful to him that so much has survived.

The notes contain some of the asides which enlivened the Lectures, and displayed Mr. Parry’s delightful humour and sense of the absurd.

David G.E. Roberts.

May 1994.